Acoustic Cardio Graph

Acoustic Cardio Graph-ACG

What is a Acoustic Cardio Graph?

The ACG or the Acoustic Cardio Graph is one of the tools that Dr. Erdmann uses to evaluate the efficiency of  your heart and cardio vascular system. First discovered by Royal Lee in the 1930’s the ACG is a great diagnostic tool for evaluating nutritional efficacy and improvement.  Often, Increased function and performance can be evaluated over the different heart Valves (areas) to determine if antioxidant, vitamin, or herbal support in fact improves cardiovascular function or read-out. This machine is a great tool to have in order to monitor your progression and what’s not improving despite the usual abatement of symptoms under our care.

What can a ACG reveal?

While the ACG does not make a  “diagnosis”, the ACG “signature graphs” can suggest:

  1. Whether your muscle function is optimal.
  2. Your heart rate and rhythm.
  3. If your body’s chemistry is balanced.
  4. Are there nutritional imbalances or deficiencies?
  • Vitamin B need
  • Vitamin E need
  • Tendency toward poor oxygenation
  • Electrolyte deficiency
  • Need for fatty acids
  • Calcium utilization
  • Adrenal function
  • Pulmonary pressure
  • Is your blood pressure (even if “normal”) straining your heart?
  • Liver and gallbladder function

By monitoring the ACG over time, the effectiveness of your nutritional and lifestyle program can be assessed. The ACG is an excellent discriminator of the quality of a nutritional supplement. For example, if the pattern suggesting a need for a specific fraction of B vitamins is seen, chewing a few tablets of the proper nutritional product will improve or normalize the graph. This is part of the way that Royal Lee created the Standard Process products using whole food concentrates. The ACG usually will not show that a synthetic B vitamin will help nourish the heart and normalize the graph. In fact, they may make it worse. This is one of the compelling objective reasons why food based nutrition is superior to the synthetic vitamins sold in most pharmacies, health food stores, etc.

Each type of imbalance, deficiency or dysfunction has a characteristic “graph signature”. The ACG helps detect such dysfunctions and deficiencies, and the supportive treatment should take these observations into account.