Nutritional Evaluation

Nutritional Evaluation

What is a Nutritional Evaluation?

Nutritional deficiency and chronic degenerative changes have become common in this modern world.  Due to increased stress, a diet that no longer resembles what our genetic coding was designed to utilize, and toxic exposure that exceeds normal abilities, nutrition therapy has developed as a way to support the human in today’s landscape.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive nutritional evaluation and corrective recommendations, including supplements and gradual diet modification, to assist in adapting to this world.  We find immediate increase in vitality and joy as the primary motive for undertaking this therapy.  It is also noted that almost all of our physical conditions respond and may even resolve with specific nutritional support.

We encourage people to include nutritional evaluation as part of their whole person care by setting an appointment for a nutritional evaluation with the doctor.  Doctor John Erdmann has extensive training in functional analysis and nutrition therapy. It is good to feel well!

The Nutritional Strategy

For most people this approach to healing and wellness is new and not fully understood.  The following is a discussion about some of the general objectives our journey may hold, a journey that is both experiential and educational.  When we experience the balancing and restoration of certain body functions we learn how the body works, lessons we should have learned as children but missed due to our modern unnatural lifestyle – lessons such as the value of fever, the cleansing ways of the body, and many more.

The strategy for moving through this process will use symptom survey analysis to identify grouping of symptoms which may be called weaknesses, and Contact Reflex Analysis which tests specific organs, glands, and systems for their energetic competence and thus identifies areas of need.  These needs then are prioritized into an order of importance to determine where to begin, and the process of step by step strengthening is underway.

The first foundational steps for everyone, no matter what the unique state of our health may be, is balancing the glandular system including down-regulating the adrenal system and balancing glycemic regulation, enhancing digestive competence, promoting liver cleansing, and providing nutrient (mineral and vitamin and food) sufficiency to fuel all these functions.  Although each person is unique in where they begin, there are some common processes we all have to go through.

After the foundation steps are complete there may be some special projects which show up depending upon each person’s own unique state of health.  These usually relate to long-term weakened systems or degenerative processes in the body.  In all of our years of doing this work it never stops amazing us how regenerative and renewing the body can be.  Indeed perhaps our greatest education comes here when we experience what the body can do – it has taught us to never underestimate the body and settle for limited states of health without trying these proven foundation therapies.  Many times what we accept as ‘just the way my body is’, is simply imbalance which has existed over many years and can change when supported.

Most exciting of all is the enhancement to personality and presence that balanced health brings.  Children are more at ease and attentive, adolescents are more calm and balanced, adults are more self-aware and empowered, leading to more fulfilling and generous living.  Many are delighted to what they awaken to when their body is no longer in survival physically, and it is this ultimate contribution to self-hood that is our goal.  When our glands are balanced and our organs clean and running smoothly, when our bodies are resilient because the physiology is buffered and stable we deal easily with pollution in the food and environment, and we handle stressful situations with graceful ease.

The Strategy is to be all we were made to be…